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Warmth in December

by Pastor Calvin

We are full in our first winter season in Taiwan.  Before we came, we underestimated its cold, trying to understand it by the average temperatures reported.  It’s nothing compared to Chicago or Seoul, but because most of the homes here do not have insulation or heat, it does feel a lot colder.  In fact, it […]

The Gift that Gives

by Pastor Calvin
werthers original

It feels like I have traveled back in time. When I was a child back in Korea, we didn’t have cell phones or the internet or other conveniences we have now, but it was a time of innocence & simple pleasures that can only come from scarcity.  I can still remember.  My father once brought […]

Grace or Fear?

by Pastor Calvin

On Monday, I visited a doctor’s office because for the past couple weeks I have been suffering from constant migraine.  Although we are to live in faith, there are times when our faith is tested & even strained because on the mission field many variables have to fall into the right place at the right […]

X-mas Outfits

by Pastor Calvin

This week our daughters are in a Christmas presentation at their school.  It will be a special time of celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ through music.   Both girls have been very diligent in practicing their parts.  We are all looking forward to this special event. But frankly speaking the past 2 weeks have been […]

Magnificent 7

by Pastor Calvin

When we were in the U.S. the girls & I had a tradition since they were very little.  On the way home from a fishing trip, we would always stop by at 7-Eleven to get a slurpee.  Although it’s not much, my 2 girls loved it.  They enjoyed it as a big treat and looked […]