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Peace that Transcends Good Fortune

by Pastor Calvin

Last week OMF missionaries in our area (Central Taiwan) got together for a group cultural study on fortune telling in Taiwan because it has a significant influence on its people.  The session was presented & led by the new members.  The new members are those whose main endeavor is to learn & love Taiwanese languages, […]

Forgotten China

by Pastor Calvin
taiwan flag

Christianity can often be quite trendy. When I was a starting out believer, spiritual leaders would tell us that it’s not your giftedness but your availability that God desires & uses, which is very biblical. But these days there’s so much emphasis on spiritual gifts. The positive side is that it promotes discovery & utilizing […]

Dust in the Wind

by Pastor Calvin

One thing about Taichung is that there’s a lot of dust in the air. Most things outside, including buildings are grayish in color from a layer of inevitable dust. Many people wear a mask to cover their nose & mouth. When I run, my lungs feel somewhat congested from breathing in all the dust in […]

Redefining Success

by Pastor Calvin

Since last Saturday we are attending the annual OMF Taiwan field conference. It’s a 5 day conference in central Taiwan (about 30 minute drive from our home in Taichung) where all the OMF missionaries throughout Taiwan come together for training, sharing of ministries & for mutual encouragement. What is so amazing about this gathering is […]