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Lost Trails

by Pastor Calvin

In Taichung, about 45 minutes away from where we live, is a mountainous area called Dakeng. There are 9 hiking trails with varying degrees of difficulties. A number of people encouraged us to go and gave us directions. The directions seemed easy enough, so last Saturday afternoon, we headed out to Dakeng for a family […]


by Pastor Calvin

I have to confess that as long as I can remember I have often made the right decision, produced the right behavior & said what is right for the eyes of men. When I was younger, it was for my parents. In order to win their approval I did what was expected. Then later I […]

Between Triumphs

by Pastor Calvin

When we began our missions blog last year, we wanted it to be much more than a weekly newsletter to our partners. Another goal was & still is to share what we experience & face as missionaries overseas honestly & candidly as possible. We desire to communicate what we experience to do missions work so […]

BBQ & Suzuki

by Pastor Calvin

Many Christians have a wrong idea of what missions is. Let’s clarify by stating that there is a difference between mission & missions. Mission refers to a task given & what one must fulfill. This is why we use terms & phrases like mission statement or mission impossible. But missions is something quite different. The […]


by Pastor Calvin

Hungry & tired Hungry & tired It’s strange, but it seems like I am always hungry & tired lately. This is not because I’m not eating enough or due to lack of sleep. But the reasons for my famishment & fatigue may be that each day here feels SO LONG. Here in Taichung, almost everything […]