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Nothingness to Everything

by Pastor Calvin

This is our final week of training and we are so eager to enter Taiwan at the end of the week. We truly appreciate & depend on your prayers as we make this final move to Taiwan. Each day in Asia seemed to move slower than back home in the U.S. and yet 3 weeks […]

A Lesson from Children

by Pastor Calvin

What I love about children is that they are so resilient. They seem fragile & yet they can adjust to almost anything. What helps them to make transition easier than adults is because the younger they are, the less expectations they have. I don’t mean pessimism where one lowers his or her expectation anticipating disappointment. […]


by Pastor Calvin

It has been exactly 1 week since we arrived in Singapore. It has truly been an inspiring time as we meet insanely sacrificial people who have laid down their all to proclaim the gospel in East Asia. I never thought that I gave up much to follow Christ, but even if I did, it is […]

Thoughts on Missions from Singapore

by Pastor Calvin

In Genesis 1:26, God said, “Let US make mankind in OUR image, in OUR likeness.” This is the first place where God gives us a glimpse of His triune character. This is quite important because it reveals God’s relational character between the Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit. If this is true, which many […]

Leveling Grounds

by Pastor Calvin

We are still in Chicago this week spending time with family.  It feels strange to think that we’re not going to see them for 4 years until we return for 1 year of training, assessment & missions reporting to churches & our partners.  Although we still have 6 more days until our departure to Southeast […]