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The Power to Change

by Pastor Calvin

This week I am in Huntington, IN to lead seminars & provide counseling for college & young adults at 2014 KOSTA Indianapolis Conference ( The theme for this year is “Our weakness, the Lord’s Power.” What a comforting truth it’s proclaiming, and I am excited to see the hand of God sowing seeds & working […]


by Pastor Calvin

As we are preparing to depart Tampa, I can’t help but to reminisce on all the wonderful experiences we had here in Florida. Yes, living near the theme parks is nice, but what I loved the most about Tampa are the beaches & water because I love swimming. I could be out on the water […]

Heart’s Laughter

by Pastor Calvin

What a wonderful day last Sunday was. Worshipping our gracious God, enjoying the favor of His people, and celebrating Mother’s Day! It was truly a day of reminder of how loved & blessed all of us are. I was also very moved & grateful to our men who put out such an effort to love […]

Mundane Grandeur

by Pastor Calvin

I have been reading books on teamwork & leadership, and it’s been very helpful. But still they made me a bit uncomfortable. Please don’t get me wrong, I agree with most of the things these books are talking about, and I am endeavoring to implement them in my own life & ministry. Nevertheless, what makes […]