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Becoming Taiwanese

by Pastor Calvin

I know that our missions partners have many questions about our future missions in Taiwan, so we would like to answer as many of them as possible because we desire our missions partners to take this journey with us. We want our partners to be engaged in what God will be doing in Taiwan through […]

April 22, 2014

by Pastor Calvin

Dear missions partners, I wanted to use this week’s post to update you on what’s been going on in our lives, and also to ask for your prayers. At the beginning of this month, our church (Tampa Korean United Methodist Church) made a move to a bigger & better campus. It is an ideal place […]

A Thought While Driving Back from Miami

by Pastor Calvin

Yesterday I had a good 5 hours to think about a lot of things because I was driving down to Miami for the purpose of submitting documents for visa. Solitude is truly a gift to those who embrace it, but it is also something that the world dreads for the same reason that it helps […]


by Pastor Calvin

People have time to time asked me what “g/1” means in my e-mail signature. It stands for the phrase that I often use in my conversation & sermons. It is also a testimony of my life. It is an algebraic fraction to remind me every day, every moment to never forget who I am. It […]

An Update

by Pastor Calvin

Dear friends in missions, I can’t believe that it’s already April. The past year and a half has been such an unforgettable time… a period that only God can lead us into & through it. I have to confess that it has been a hectic time, especially as we try to fulfill the requirements of […]