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I Hope…

by Pastor Calvin

2 months & 23 days There are only 84 days left before we leave our beloved church to head out to Southeast Asia. I miss them already… Our brothers & sisters in Christ Our co-workers for Christ The flock that God has entrusted to us This body that we have belonged to for almost 6 […]

Redefining Sacrifices

by Pastor Calvin

Time to time I hear as part of a testimony how one has given up much to follow Christ. I have heard people say things like, I used to have everything I used to keep a certain lifestyle I was confident about myself I was successful, powerful I guess the point being made is that […]

Money & Missions

by Pastor Calvin

This week’s blog title may either peak readers’ interest or turn them off. PLEASE READ ON because I promise that it will not be about what the title suggests. Being on this earth for 40 some years, you naturally formulate sets of philosophies that derive from the Bible & life that you live by. I’ve […]

Walking with the Father

by Pastor Calvin

Last Saturday I participated in a 5K run with my youngest daughter who is 7 years old. Running is something that I have grown to appreciate. It’s a peaceful time for me. So when I had this opportunity to run with my youngest child, I was excited and she was too. But my youngest never […]