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We’ve Already Won!

by Pastor Calvin

One of the greatest blessings in pastoral ministry is undoubtedly the people, the sheep that God has entrusted to us shepherds, our so called brothers & sisters in Christ & our fellow servants. It is the wildest thing. Just because you are their pastor, all these individuals make a decision to trust you, share their […]

Not Enough Is Always Enough

by Pastor Calvin

This coming Sunday is a very significant day for our family as missionaries to Taiwan because on Sunday I will be speaking to our whole church about why we are going overseas & how they can support us & our future works in Taiwan. I will have about 30 minutes to explain why we are […]

“Don’t Pursue Humility!”

by Pastor Calvin

I have to say that one of the most fragile things in our spiritual walk is humility because once you think that you have it, the moment that you think you are humble, it’s gone. Humility is a trait that is desired & pursued by many for it is a trait that is admired & […]

Battle Underneath

by Pastor Calvin

Eventually many of us come to a place where producing the right words & behavior become quite natural. It is a skill that we have acquired from the time we are born. To produce desired responses from those around us. It may be that we want others to love & accept us or just want […]