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by Pastor Calvin

Our church has a special & unique English Ministry. Most of the members are very active in serving the Body of Christ. They serve in the Children’s ministry, youth ministry, and they are active members of various committees. Not only that many of our EM members serve as chairpersons of those committees in our church. […]

Perfection in Helplessness

by Pastor Calvin

Control. We desire control & don’t like to lose it because it leads to helplessness. No one enjoys feeling helpless because deep inside we want to believe that we have what it takes. Majority go through most of their lives trying to prove to themselves & to others that they have what it takes & […]

Season of Harvest

by Pastor Calvin

I know that I’m getting old because I often talk about how life is too short or how the time is passing us by so quickly. As a child my days were long. I wake up in the morning well rested, have breakfast, walk to school, learn, enjoy classmates, and after school I would go […]

Enjoying the Journey

by Pastor Calvin

Although I have been blogging only for a short time, so far it has been an interesting journey because it has been such an educational experience at a personal level. It has revealed a lot about myself & about our nature. My understanding of blogging is that I am simply sharing what’s in my heart […]