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Ham & Kimchee

by Pastor Calvin

Last Sunday the 24th was Thanksgiving Sunday. At our church we had one of 5 joint services of the year where all ministries: Korean ministry, English ministry, youth group & children’s ministry come together to worship the One who has given us life & everything that is good.

“Don’t Lead, Follow”

by Pastor Calvin

What gave the 1st Century Church power to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ so effectively were the Holy Spirit & early believers’ loving spirit. The early didn’t have a master plan of evangelism or missions. They didn’t have a large building as their missions headquarter. Nor did they have a board that decided […]

Defining Missions

by Pastor Calvin

This is my first ever blog post, and since this is a blog about missions, I wanted to begin by defining what missions is. I’m sure I will continue to add other aspects of missions in my future posts, but let me begin right here. There are many ways that pastors, teachers & even missionaries […]